Your Own Book – 5 Reasons Your Business Will Benefit

Your own book may be the missing link on your road to business success. If you own your own business, especially a small, home-based one, then you may have already thought about the value of creating a book that will enhance your chances of building your market reach. Perhaps you have decided that you cannot write one now for one of these reasons:

  • not sure you have something unique to say
  • unclear on the process of writing and publishing
  • you’re a business person not a writer
  • and the number one reason – no time

In a recent New York Times survey, over 80% of the respondents stated that creating a book was very high on their list but the biggest reason most had not done so – a perceived lack of time. It is possible that the time could be found if the reasons for creating a book were more compelling and urgent. Let’s set aside the negative things like not having enough business, or low profits, or poor market share, or the fact that no one, other than family, even knows you have a business. Let’s set aside things like the fact that you have too much competition, the economy is tanking and nobody is spending money. Let’s set aside the fact that you are trying to build a business but are still applying for every job opening that appears. Let’s make an assumption that your future is committed to running a successful business and that you will discover the secrets to success and implement them.

Such a small percentage of people in your business are actually creating a book that using one to leverage your time and marketing efforts can pay off in a big way. There are very few barriers to publishing your book once it is completed and with a little time devoted to spreading the word, you really can propel your business to greater heights – no matter what it is. Let’s look at five reasons that this will happen when you write your book:

  1. increased credibility is, without doubt, the best reason for creating a book. People like your prospective clients look upon authors with increased respect. There is an assumption that someone who writes a book is an expert. Customers, prospects, friends and family will look to you as an authority in your field, which results in more exposure and more business
  2. explain your product or service. You have a captive audience with no outside or competitive interference which gives you the opportunity to explain your features, benefits and most importantly, your unique selling proposition. Don’t overdo the “selling” part but you have the opportunity, by creating a book, to thoroughly and engagingly explain what your business does.
  3. inform your audience. Today, people are craving information. What is the first thing you do when confronted with a challenge, you enter some search terms in Google or another search engine, and begin to research and find solutions. It is the same with the people you are trying to market to – they are also looking for information – your book will provide that and give you the opportunity to position yourself as an expert in the field.
  4. helping others. If your product or service is dedicated to helping people solve problems, then creating your book will make that a reality. Most successful entrepreneurs enter their business with a real hope of helping their contacts find a resolution to an issue and your book will give you the opportunity to do exactly that. Consequently, your book also allows you to bring your solution based business to their attention.
  5. making a difference. Your business is dedicated to making a difference in the world. All successful companies today have a mission to make that difference. Your book allows you to step outside the standard business and marketing model and show your heart, your intention and your ability to make a difference. You will make a permanent connection with your readers and prospective clients.

So, the bottom line is that none of us has the time to write a book, but if you are dedicated to becoming successful in this overly competitive world, then creating your book may be the real difference maker that sets you apart and helps you rise to the top. Remember that most people want to write a book, most people recognize the benefits of writing a book but the vast majority never will. Find the most compelling reasons why you should become part of the minority who are successfully creating their own books and their own success.